Snow Plowing Procedure

The City of Darien follows a priority based system for plowing streets.  High traffic arterial streets are plowed first, and if necessary, replowed until they are safe and passable.  At that time, lower traffic collector streets are plowed.  When both arterial and collector streets are safe and passable, the plows begin work on residential streets and cul-de-sacs.  It takes approximately four hours to plow all of the city’s streets once.  Consequently, during heavy, ongoing snow, it could take several hours to get to an individual, residential street.  Once all streets are open and passable, the City begins addressing other snow concerns, including cutting down large piles of snow at intersections which might create sight distance problems. Finally, after all the street work is complete, the City’s crews begin work clearing sidewalks along Plainfield Road, Cass Avenue and 75th Street.

Please keep in mind that Plainfield Road, Cass Avenue and 75th street are DuPage County roads and are not plowed by the City of Darien.

In order to plow streets efficiently, there is no parking on City streets during a winter event where snow or ice exceeds one inch.
During plowing operations, the City’s priority is getting snow off the streets to allow movement of traffic.  Unfortunately, during the plowing process, snow will be pushed onto curbs and driveways. As a result, snow banks become higher and driveways can become filled with snow, an unavoidable process. Please do not push snow out onto the roadway or approach a snow plow to prevent snow from being pushed into the driveway. Both of these actions are dangerous. If possible, residents are encouraged to shovel several times throughout a heavy snow period to prevent snow filled driveways. Your patience and cooperation are appreciated.

If at any time you have an emergency that requires you to leave your home and you cannot do so because of snow, please dial 9-1-1.