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FAQs For No Contact Permits

The City of Darien is still accepting permits/contractor licenses and scheduling inspections, at this time. Permits can be dropped off to our correspondence box, within the first set of doors, at City Hall. Building Department fees are cash/check ONLY! NO CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS!

Printer Friendly Application for Building /Public Works Permit
Printer Friendly Contractor License Application

  1. Fence permits – Need Plat of Survey marking where the fence is going and the proposal from the fence company. If you are the homeowner and doing the work yourself, please provide the summary sheet from wherever you are purchasing the materials from i.e. Menards, Home Depot, which shows the typeof fence, square footage and height.  If you are dropping off at correspondence box at City Hall, please attach a $25 check made payable to City of Darien. Building Department has a special form for fences.
    Residential Fence Information

  2. Roof permit – Please complete the Building Permit application and include the contractor who will be replacing the roof. The roofing contractor will need to be licensed with the City of Darien. I will need a Contractor License application and their state license. If you are dropping off at City Hall, in the correspondence box, please attach a $50 check. We follow the 2015 International Residential Code.
    Guidelines for ice barriers and reroofing are enclosed. NO PERMIT REQUIRED FOR ROOF REPAIR!

  3. Contractor License – All contractor licenses expire at the end of April, unless you have recently renewed. If you are dropping off at City Hall, in the correspondence box, please attach a $60 check (Please note, ROOFING & PLUMBING contractors do not pay a fee they only need to submit their State License. Fence contractors do not need to be licensed.

  4. Driveway/Patio/Sidewalks – Please complete the Building Permit application, along with your Plat of Survey, mark what area you are replacing or widening, and include a copy of the proposal from your contractor.  If the homeowner is doing the work, list homeowner as contractor on second page. You can include a $250 check for driveway replacement ($175 will be refunded after the inspections have passed) Patio/sidewalk permit is $50.
    Driveway Specifications
    Patio and Walks Information

  5. Swimming Pools – Please complete the Building Permit application, attach your Plat of Survey, marking where the pool will go, read and sign the attached and submit with the permit and include the brochure and specs on the pool with the permit. The contractor installing the pool will need to be licensed with the City of Darien. Fees will be determined after it goes for Plan Review.
    Pool Information

  6. Sheds – Please complete the Building Permit application, include your Plat of Survey, marking where the shed will go, and the specs from where you bought the shed along with a check for $115. The contractor, if homeowner, list homeowner as contractor, installing the shed will need to be licensed with the City of Darien.
    Accessory Buildings and Structure Information

  7. Decks – Please complete the Building Permit application, along with your Plat of Survey, include a drawing/sketch of work being done, including dimensions.
    Deck Information

  8. Hot Tub
    Printer Friendly Hot Tub Building Code Compliance Requirements

  9. Solar Permits  

    Zoning: Building-mounted SES are permitted as an accessory use in all zoning districts.
    Questions may be directed to the City Planner, Jordan Yanke,, 630-353-8113.

    Permits: For small-scale, standard SES design, permits are typically issued within 10 days after all
    documents submitted in person to the Community Development Department, Monday through Friday
    8:30am - 5:00pm, including:

    • Building Permit application form
    • Contractor License application form with certificate of insurance and bond
    • Plat of Survey with plan sketch showing where panels will be located with dimensions
    • Structural calculations signed and sealed by a licensed structural engineer that certifies that the mounted building wall or roof is structurally sound and will bear weight of the SES.
    • Construction plans in compliance with 2015 International Solar Energy Provisions Code (See attached page for plan submittal requirements)

    Inspections: Two inspections are typically required (1) Final Electric (2) Final Building – when installation complete.  To schedule inspections, call 630-353-8115 by 2:00 on business day before inspection requested.  Inspections typically are done between 8:00 am-12:00 pm.  Contractor must be present (Additional inspections may be required for non-standard SES or if roof or wall modifications are needed.)

    Questions: On permits and inspections may be directed to Mary Belmonte,,

    Printer Friendly Solar Energy Systems Permit Guidelines



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