Do I Need A Permit?

No building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing or sewer system shall be constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, demolished, or changed unless a permit has been obtained. Building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, street, sewer, and grading permits may be required.

Always consult with the building department regarding local building setback requirements, and any items not addressed on this sheet.

Permits Required

Some Common Examples:

  1. New Dwelling Structures
  2. Room Additions
  3. Garages, Attached and detached
  4. Alterations where structural elements are affected, i.e.; new openings in foundations, walls, ceilings, roofs, enlarged door and window openings.
  5. Re-roofing – Tearing off old shingles
  6. All new electrical & plumbing installations (in wall work)
  7. Fireplaces and solid fuel burning stoves
  8. New & replacement air conditioning units
  9. Generators
  10. Sheds
  11. Swimming Pools – in ground and above ground
  12. Patios, including paver brick
  13. Decks and Porches
  14. Fences
  15. Driveways
  16. New water service
  17. Sewer work (in public right of way)
  18. Concrete work over 100 sq. ft.
  19. Landscaping ponds
  20. Landscaping that alters the grade of the property
  21. Retaining walls
  22. Underground sprinkler systems
  23. All commercial alterations or buildouts
  24. Electrical Vehicle Charging 
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Permits Not Required

Residential Single Family:

  1. Normal repair and maintenance
  2. Roof overlay – limited to a total of 2 layers of roofing material.
  3. Replacement of deteriorated materials.
  4. Siding, soffit & fascia
  5. Windows & doors – replacing with same size.
  6. Superficial remodeling which does not affect structural elements, such as drywall and plaster work.
  7. Replacing fixtures
  8. Exterior concrete flatwork under 100 sq feet, such as stoops and service walks.
  9. Driveway overlay or sealcoating
  10. Simple landscaping that does NOT change the grading of the property.

Residential Multi Family:

  1. Normal repair and maintenance
  2. Replacing fixtures

All other multifamily construction may require permits. Please check with the building department AND your homeowners association BEFORE beginning any construction.

Revised 12/19/2013