Community Alert - Police Operational Changes Due to COVID-19

3/18/2020 | Posted in: News
The Darien Police Department is implementing additional health and safety precautions to help protect residents and employees from COVID-19 (coronavirus) effective immediately and until further notice. These measures are intended to protect the health and safety of Darien’s residents, as well as to keep our officers healthy and able to protect and serve the community.
Visits at the Police Department
There is limited access to the Police Department building. Individuals coming to the Police Department to report a crime or for other services will be helped at the front counter and not taken to a report writing area. For anyone needing assistance from the Police Department, the preferred method of contact is to first call the Police Department directly at 630-971-3999 or dial 911 if there is an emergency.  Callers will have the option of talking to an officer in person or over the phone depending on the nature of the request for assistance.
Emergency Calls for Service
Darien Police Officers will continue to respond to emergency calls for service. Police officers will maintain social distancing protocols when possible.
Non-Emergency Calls for Service
Darien Police Officers will continue to respond to non-emergency calls for service on a limited basis. If there is any indication of risk of COVID-19 exposure, officers will remedy the situation via telephone. If there is no indication of COVID-19 exposure risk, officers will respond and maintain social distance. Officers will conduct interviews outside of your home / business and outside of the squad car.
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