Please call DuPage County Public Works at 630-985-2905 to have water service placed in your name.

Sanitary Sewer Service

Three sanitary districts service and maintain Darien’s sanitary sewer system. Sewer fees are billed jointly (every two months) with water bills by DuPage County. Sewer consumption is based on water use, per 1000 gallons. Details about sanitary sewer service may be obtained by calling DuPage County at 630-985-2905.

Current Consumer Confidence Report

Electric Supplier

To establish new electric service, residents must contact Commonwealth Edison at 800-334-7661.

Residents can find alternative priced rates from other suppliers at www.PlugInIllinois.org or contact NIMEC the City of Darien Energy Consultant at 1-800-727-3820.

Please contact Bryon Vana at 630-353-8114 for additional information.

Natural Gas Supplier

Nicor Gas
Telephone: 888-642-6748

Cable Providers

Comcast – sales & service 1-866-594-1234 (24 hours)
Internet – sales & service 1-888-423-7888

AT&T – 1-800-288-2020

Garbage Collection

LRSLRSrecycles.com/Darien 844-633-3577

Map of Darien Garbage Collection

Effective April 1, 2022 the solid waste management program for the City of Darien is an all cart program for the disposal of refuse and yard waste/food scraps.  The City selected this type of program to allow homeowners to have control over their solid waste disposal. The program provides an economic incentive to recycle and allows us to participate in a positive way to do our part in protecting the environment.

In August of 2018 several residents approached the City requesting a change to City Code Section 7-1-5 which requires single family detached houses to keep refuse, recyclable, and compostable materials in containers. Further, the code requires that the containers are not to be stored between the house and the street except on pick-up days. The residents making the request stated that since they live in raised-ranch style homes they cannot place their containers on their side yard due to the property slope. Based on these requests, the Mayor and City Council passed an ordinance revision March 4, 2019 that allows the storage of trash enclosures within the front of the home, subject to certain requirements. The ordinance revision allows single family homes to store trash containers or totes within the front of a home, provided that a specified trash enclosure is utilized.  (https://codelibrary.amlegal.com/codes/darienil/latest/overview – 7-1-5(B) ).
The enclosures are manufactured by Suncast Corporation and the Model numbers are BMS4700 and BMS3400.  The product is available through Home Depot, Pro Desk Services, at a discounted price for Darien residents Model No-BMS3400 $224.10 + Tax or Model No-BMS4700 $349.00 + Tax. The units are also available through other retailer outlets and will require assembly. Additional information for the enclosure may be found at www.suncast.com/bms3400.html or www.suncast.com/bms4700.html.  Residents can also view the BMS4700 container on display at City Hall.
35-gallon Height 37.5 inches, Width 19 inches, Depth 32.75 inches
65-gallon Height 41.5 inches, Width 24 inches, Depth 27 inches
95-gallon Height 46 inches, Width 26 inches, Depth 34.5 inches