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2013 Property Tax Abatement

Release date: 3/5/2013

Contact: City Administrator Bryon Vana
Contact Phone: (630) 353-8114

The Darien City Council has strongly committed to assessing a low property tax rate on Darien properties. Currently, the City portion of resident tax bill is between 3 and 4.8% of the overall tax bills, which are comprised mostly of funding requested from school and fire districts. Over the past three years, the City of Darien has not increased the property tax collection, so any increases would not be attributable to Darien. The City of Darien is also proud to provide a great value for the tax dollars received by maintaining a strong police department, an aggressive capital improvement program to repave roads, fix sidewalks, and properly control stormwater.

This year during budget preparation and discussions, the City of Darien has determined it can “abate,” or not collect, the $502,568 General Corporate Purposes portion of the property tax bill. For a $400,000 home, this reduction is equivalent to approximately $75, and for a $300,000 the abatement is worth about $56.

Mayor Weaver said, “The City of Darien is proud of its strong track record of delivering exceptional services while keeping low property tax rates when compared with other communities. This reduction of the Darien property tax is a result of strong fiscal management over many years, successfully maneuvering through the great recession, and building a strong business base including retaining Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and attracting businesses such as Ross Dress For Less, Chuck’s Southern Comfort CafĂ©, and many other businesses that have filled our retail centers.”