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Scams & Ruse Burglaries

Be aware of scams and ruse burglaries. 
The City of Darien is warning residents not to fall for con men posing as city or utility workers and asking to come into their homes. Recently a neighboring town has had a subject(s) posing as a city worker and trying to gain entry to a resident’s home. The subjects claim they want to enter the house to check the resident’s water.

The City of Darien would like to remind its residents that our Public Works staff will always have city identification, and will be in marked city vehicles.  The city will never ask for random access to your home. Residents are notified via postcard or letter and are directed to call and make an appointment. 

If someone comes to your home without a scheduled appointment, before opening the door look outside for some type of identification of who may be at the door, ( UPS truck, city vehicle…). If you’re still not comfortable, talk to the individual through the door or a window asking to see identification and reason for the visit, and if you’re still not convinced call 9-1-1. Any legitimate person will not have an issue with verification. Lastly, if pictures or descriptions of people or vehicles can be obtained without putting yourself in danger, this will help the police.  
Currently there are only two individuals who have received a permit from the city for solicitation.  They are both from Comcast.  No others have been approved. Solicitors are required to visibly wear/display their identification/permit, if not ask.  You can always call 9-1-1 and the police will investigate the situation.