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City of Darien Municipal Electricity Aggregation Program Ends September 2017

As approved by a voter referendum, the City has managed an Electricity Aggregation program since 2012. This program enabled the City to negotiate lower electric rates than ComEd for residents’ home and small businesses’ electric bills by aggregating the community’s electricity usage. The average single family homeowner who stayed with the program since 2012 has realized $370 in savings. 

The City recently sought bids to renew the Municipal Electricity Aggregation Program expiring September 2017.  However, the City did not receive any bids that were lower than the ComEd base rate. Hence, the City is in the process of suspending the Electricity Aggregation Program since savings could not be guaranteed.  All resident and small business accounts currently in the program will automatically be returned to ComEd following meter readings in September.  No action is needed on your part to revert back to ComEd. 

All resident and small business accounts currently in the program will receive a letter from ComEd in August titled “Electric Supplier Choice – Confirmation of Drop” informing you that your account will switch back to ComEd.  Again, no action is needed on your part.  Please note: no one from the City or the City’s aggregation supplier will contact you by phone or in person. All communication about the City’s program will be communicated through the mail. If a solicitor indicates they are associated with a City program, residents are advised to contact the City.

Also, it is recommended that you not share your ComEd account number with a solicitor, unless you have decided to move to that supplier.  Unscrupulous solicitors are able to move your account if they learn the account number. Consumer complaints against alternative utilities suppliers and solicitors should be reported to the Illinois Commerce Commission for remediation, visit or by calling 1-800-524-0795.

You are free to select any supplier you so desire; however, it is advised that when considering any solicitation avoid variable rates, early termination fees and additional monthly fees that may be associated with offers. A list of current offerings is available at

For questions about the program, you may contact the Northern Illinois Municipal Electric Collaborative (NIMEC) at 800-727-3820 or call Bryon Vana, Darien City Administrator, at 630-353-8114.