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Citizen of the Year Committee

Bonnie Kucera (Chairman)
Linda Borowiak

Ralph A. Beardsley
James D. Goetzinger
Ron Kiefer
Gerald C. Kucera
Carol Mallers

Mary Sullivan (City Council Liaison)

The Citizen of the year Committee is searching for a very special man or woman who has given of themselves to make Darien a "Nice Place to Live"! If you know of a person who goes "above and beyond the call of duty" ... is always there when someone needs a hand ... and who has contributed to make Darien a special place, please fill out the Nomination Form below.

By City Ordinance, the committee shall follow the following criteria in recommending the citizen of the year:
        The citizen of the year shall have made some outstanding voluntary contribution(s) to the city.   
        Criteria to be considered shall include:

              1) diversity of activities;
              2) length of service;
              3) degree of involvement in the community; and
              4) impact to the city.

A nominee must be a resident of Darien and cannot currently be an elected official. The deadline for nominations to be considered for the current year is Monday, January 6th, 2020 at 5pm.

To submit your nomination for Citizen of the year, fill out the form on-line below, and click submit.  Or if you prefer to submit a typed written nomination, a copy of this form has been made available to you via Adobe Acrobat format.  Click here for a copy of that form, print and fill out the form, and mail to City of Darien, 1702 Plainfield Road, Darien, IL 60561.

Citizen of the Year Nomination Form

In completing this form, please consider the following criteria: diversity of activities; length of service; degree of involvement; and impact to the City of Darien.

Describe the exceptional qualifications of this nominee including volunteer work, community organization involvement, any special achievement or honors. Remember to mention past and present services to the City of Darien and its citizens and length of time of each service. Services outside of Darien that impact the betterment of people's well being and lives should also be included.
Describe specifically what this nominee has done to make Darien "A Nice Place to Live". What has she/he done to make them a "shining star" in and to the City.Describe specifically what this nominee has done to make Darien "A Nice Place to Live". What has she/he done to make them a "shining star" in and to the City.
Summarize the reasons why you, the nominator, believe that your nominee should be selected the Darien Citizen of the Year. Remember to be specific and describe in detail.
List three references that support your claim for the nomination candidate.
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