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City Code

City Code

Tax Information

Tax Information is located in the Administration section of our website, on the Demographics page.  Click here to go there now.

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Current Fiscal Year Budget - Please Note:  this is a large (2.2MB) document that may take several minutes to download.

Ordinances and Regulations

Off-Street Parking, including Recreational Vehicles

The Darien City Council recently adopted amendments to the Darien City Code regarding parking on residential properties, including parking in front yards and parking/storing recreational vehicles on residential lots.

Input from residents, City staff and the Darien Planning and Zoning Commission have gone into the development of the regulations adopted by the City Council.

The following summarizes existing and recently adopted ordinances regarding parking on residential properties in Darien:

  • All driveways must have a hard surface. However, existing gravel or stone driveways can remain until the house is torn down and a new house is constructed.
  • Constructing and/or replacing a driveway requires a permit. The location, width and number of driveways is regulated by the Darien City Code.
  • All vehicles, including recreational vehicles, must be parked on a hard surface. Parking vehicles on a grassy surface is not permitted, whether in the front, side or rear yards.
  • All recreational vehicles must be parked/stored within an interior side yard or rear yard only, if parked/stored outside an enclosed building.
  • Only one recreational vehicle may be parked outside an enclosed building. For example, one camper, one travel trailer, one boat on a trailer or one trailer with up to two personal recreation vehicles on a trailer, such as snow mobiles, jet skies and ATVs.
  • Recreational vehicles cannot exceed 35 feet in length and 8 feet in width, except boats cannot exceed 25 feet in length and 10 feet in height, exclusive of antennas, masts or other accessories.
  • Recreational vehicles may be parked temporarily on any portion of a driveway for loading, unloading and cleaning purposes and for temporary occupancy of guests.
  • Recreational vehicles may be occupied by guests no more than 14 consecutive days. This can occur two times within a calendar year.

Or, for more information, contact Michael Griffith, Senior Planner, in the Community Development Department at (630) 353-8113, or via email at mgriffith@darienil.gov.

Dogs and Cats Regulations

Click here to read the complete ordinance.

Garbage Collection

The City's refuse and yard waste collection is a "Bag and Tag" Program. Through an agreement with Veolia Environmental, refuse and yard waste containers require stickers for pickup. Residents must purchase stickers or lease wheeled toters to dispose of waste. These stickers are available at various vendor locations in Darien (including City Hall). Literature explaining disposal regulations are available at City Hall.

City Code Ordinance 7-1-5B allows refuse for removal may be left at the front parkway of a home where the property borders a street, but not more than 24 hours before a pick-up, and not more than 24 hours following a pick-up.

Residential Ordinances

City Ordinances prohibit the storage of non-functioning vehicles upon private property as well as dismantled motor vehicles. By contacting the Police Department, they will assist you in obtaining towing services to help you avoid being cited for violation.

City Code Ordinance 7-1-9A prohibits the burning of garbage, rubbish or natural refuse. Natural refuse includes, but is not limited to, leaves and other yard wastes anywhere within the City. However, logs, non-treated wood, or wood products may be burned in either an indoor or outdoor fireplace (a structure which partially encloses a fire to contain its size), and of course charcoal may be burned in charcoal grills.

Street Parking Regulations

City Code Ordinance 9-3-1G prohibits parking on public streets or rights-of-way within the City during a snow emergency. A "snow emergency" shall be declared to exist within the City when the snowfall exceeds one inch (1") during a twenty four (24) hour period. Such emergency shall continue to exist until the snow plowing operation has been completed and the snowfall has ceased, or if plowing operation has not started within a twenty four (24) hour period.

It is unlawful to park any vehicle on public streets or rights-of-way in the City between the hours of 2:00am and 6:00am of any day, with the following exceptions:

  1. Overnight guest and no room in driveway.
  2. Driveway under repair.
  3. Vehicle broke down.

The Darien Police Department must be contacted at 630-971-3999 to obtain permission to park on City streets overnight.

Garage Sales

Garage Sale permits are required and may be obtained from City Hall. City Code 3-6-3 restricts permits to no more than three (3) permits within a twelve month period per residence and may only be held on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm.

Community Development Department Regulations

The City has minimum property maintenance codes for residential and commercial properties. If there is a problem in your neighborhood, please call the Community Development Department at City Hall. The department also has comprehensive building and zoning regulations. Copies of these regulations or information about them can be obtained from the department.

Plan review and permits are required prior to the onset of any construction. Permits are required for fences, decks, sheds and indoor/outdoor remodeling. Please call the Community Development Department for more information at 630-353-8115.

Address Changes

If you were part of an annexation to Darien, you will be informed by the City of your new address since Darien has its own numbering system. The City informs all utility companies and County and Township offices. You will be informed in advance of this change so that you may have time to change all personal documents requiring your address.

Voter Registration

We encourage every Darien resident to register and vote. You may call the City Clerks office for details. General voting requirements include American citizenship, and age requirements of 18 years or older, and a residency of 30 days minimum prior to an election day. In order to register, you must bring two forms of identification, one of which must show your current address. Naturalized citizens are asked to bring their court papers when they register. Registration normally closes 30 days prior to any election.


Resident of the City of Darien are not all served by the same water system. Please call the Darien Municipal Services Department at 630-353-8103 for details about your water service.

Sanitary Sewer Service

DuPage County Environmental Concerns maintains our sanitary sewer system in Darien. Sewer fees are billed jointly (every two months) with water bills, by DuPage County. Sewer consumption is based on water use, per 1000 gallons. Details about sanitary sewer service may be obtained by calling DuPage County at 630-985-2905.

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