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Driveway Specifications

Driveway Specifications

  1. You must stay five (5) feet from the property line.
  2. Concrete driveways require four (4) inches of compacted stone (grade 8) throughout. Five inches of concrete through driveway and sidewalk, six (6) inches of concrete in the apron area (area between sidewalk and street) with no mesh in apron or sidewalk area. The width of the driveway at the sidewalk can not exceed 24 and may flair out to 30 (including 3 flairs) to the street.
  3. Asphalt driveways require four (4) inches of compacted stone throughout. Two (2) inches minimum of surface.
  4. A Driveway permit is required including a copy of your plat of survey. The cost for a driveway permit is two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00). This cost includes a cash bond of $175.00 that will be refunded to you after the approved final inspection is completed.
  5. Two inspections are required, one pre-pour inspection and one final inspection. Final inspections include completed restorations of dirt and grass.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact the City of Darien at 630-353-8115.




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