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Deck Permit Information
printer-friendly Deck Permit Information

To Obtain a Permit:

  1. Submit one copy of the Plat of Survey. At scale, draw on the Plat of Survey the exact size and location of proposed deck. Also show how far from all lot lines.  Deck must be 10 feet from side lot lines and cannot encroach more than 10 feed into required rear yard.
  2. Two sets of plans with all dimensions are required. Drawing must be legible and complete or they will not be accepted.  Click here for an example.
  3. Property in a floodplain may require additional review by an engineer and will extend permit review time.


All structural members in a deck, joists, beams, posts, etc. must be of pressure treated wood. Other areas of the deck may be of wood that is naturally resistant to decay and fungus, such as cedar or redwoods. All hardware, nails, bolts, hangars, etc. must be galvanized.


Pier depth is 42" (freeze line) minimum below grade and 4"minimum from grade to top of pier. Minimum piers diameter is 10’. Pour concrete on compacted clay or gravel fill.

A minimum tread is 10" and maximum riser is 7 ¾" stairs are to be a minimum of 3’ wide.

Bottom of stair riser must be supported on concrete piers that extend a minimum 42" below grade.

Flashing/Wood Siding

When ledges are bolted on ceiling or when arching is removed, flashing is required. Aluminum siding must allow for secure attachments of ledger or be removed, flashed, and sealed.


Three inspections are required, one to measure the pier depth (must be 42 inches) before concrete is poured, a Framing inspection, and a Final Inspection. To schedule on inspection call 630-353-8115 by 2:00pm for following day inspection.

Decks are installed in accordance with the approved plans. Homeowners will be cited for deck completed without a permit. (Decks shall not be supported by existing slabs).

Call J.U.L.I.E. for assistance in locating utilities at 800-892-0123 – 24 hours daily, allow 48 hours for service.
Deck Drawing